"28 Jobs 28 Weeks 28 States" - In 2013, Jubanashwa embarked upon a experiential journey of doing 28 jobs in 28 states of India to rediscover himself. This journey entailed traveling 25,000 km, and he explored a long list of jobs like mountain cleaner, TRP analyst, tattoo artist, rafting trainee, and cremation assistant.


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Jubanashwa Mishra has worked 28 jobs in all the 28 states of India for one week each, immersing in a process of re-discovering himself. He started this journey in mid-May 2013 which ended in December 2013, with a variety of jobs ranging from mountain cleaner to TRP Analyst to Tattoo maker to Rafting Trainee to Cremation Assistant to Tea Factory Worker to Bullet Mechanic. After a stereotypical Indian degree in Engineering, Jubanashwa had worked for 3 years in Tata Consultancy Services. Then, he did his post-graduation from the school of ideas –MICA, Ahmedabad. Before starting this  One Week Job India  journey, he had worked on many challenging projects ranging from digital consulting for top companies, to first-time-ever biggest rural brand activation through folk-theatre called JATRA. He lives in Bhubaneswar working as a media consultant. He has also founded a preschool called Paper Boat.